Seattle Part 2

After picking up Ryan at the airport on Friday, we headed to one of my favorite places on earth:

Seriously, what's not to love? We bought a bunch of their taco seasoning (the best I've ever had), their gorgonzola crackers and some sweet chili sauce (it's about half of what I paid at Maceys!) and stopped by for a free sample. Since we flew to Seattle we couldn't take any refrigerated items, but man, I wish I could've put the whole store in my packet and traveled to Utah with it (Dear Utah, please oh please put a Trader Joe's nearby. In N Out is here, so come on over!(I'm sure all the people in SLC will drink your wine!)).

Then we decided to follow the GPS and get on the highway while we looked for a place to eat. Turns out it was taking us to the ferry, so we decided to be adventurous and go with it! The only downside was that for dinner we just ate whatever we had in the car, which ended up being two quaker chewy granola bars and then we downed an entire box of gorganzola crackers. They're addicting!

The view from the pier was stunning and I kept taking picture after picture before it got too dark. The water was so blue and clear! Coming from only knowing bodies of water such as Lake Nasworthy and the Gulf of Mexico, this was a billion times better!

Also, it wouldn't be a Mangum adventure without something going wrong, so as we were on our way to Vachon Island (then to Southside) they announced that there was a medical emergency and we had to go all the way back to Seattle, without going to the Kitsap peninsula. So our ride was twice as long as normal! We took it with stride though and ended up reading the books we had brought with us (Ry read his personal finance book The Millionaire Next Door and I read The Book Thief (SO SO SO GOOD!)

We had a great night and the weekend was about to get so much better because the next day was Taylor and Jaimee's wedding!!

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