A look on life.

As I commented on a friend's blog yesterday, I realized that I really loved my outlook on life, and didn't even really know what it was until I was writing it down! She was saying how she's unsure of the future and if the route she's taking is the absolute right one, about how sometimes it feels like we only have one shot at life and one shot at picking the right things. This is what I wrote, and I'm digging it right now.  mean, I'm jobless at the moment  and even though I've only really been jobless for a few weeks, filling out application after application can be hard, especially when you're so used to having a job and being busy all day. It's a different kind of busy and it makes me a little Debbie Downer occasionally.

My philosophy:

Uh, I COMPLETELY know what you're going through. I remember thinking those exact thoughts last year and wondering about the "what ifs". I had a teacher in jr. high that would always say "I don't live in the land of 'what ifs'" and I like that. I know there are so many options, but I don't want to bog myself down with an imaginary second life that doesn't exist. I want to be happy with my decisions and, of course I'll think and pray real hard about what to do, but also take it one day at a time and work hard each day for a better tomorrow. Sounds cliche, but I think it's the best route ever.

*Ah, our beautiful life this summer. 
We worked hard and enjoyed life to the max 
(you'll find this awesome fountain in the sculpture garden near the National Art Gallery).*

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