I came. I ate. I conquered.

Today was Wymount's annual Fall Family Festival. Last year I went with Ry, but this time around he was/still is taking a practice LSAT on campus and I only remembered about it this morning when Amanda texted me that she didn't see me there! Actually, I was talking with Ry about it just Thursday night and how I was so stoked to get some cotton candy (it's free! when do you ever get free cotton candy?!) but then I completely blanked this morning.

On a side note, I totally did some GRE studying this morning, of which I am proud of. This job search thing can get pretty monotonous, and I've been allowing it to make me a bit lethargic at times (like the day I didn't get out of my pjs or take a shower or get out of the house even) so today I decided to spice it up and take a shower early on, get dressed, and do some studying.

Back to the festival. It's in a big open space in Wymount and they've got free hot dogs and chips, cotton candy and sno cones, and tons of stuff for all the little kids here like a jumping castle, cooking decorating, a train the little ones can ride and all sorts of games for kids under 5.

I went for some cotton candy (of course) and ran into the Clydes! It was fun to see them in UT instead of DC and they asked if Ry was back from his London trip… At least we have a good attitude about it, right??

Afterwards I sauntered over to get my free lunch (also, they just put a new batch of chips when I was going through the line so I got some blue Doritos--they sure are in high demand!), and to put my name in the drawing box. They give away all sorts of goodies like shirts and even a grand prize of 50 bucks off your next month's rent! As I was eating my name was called for a prize! I ended up winning 10 dollars to Legends Grille, a restaurant on campus. I used to go there occasionally as a freshman (oh the days of freshman meal cards) but haven't been back in years, so I'm excited to go with Ry and get a dessert or something!

Here's to student housing and FREE cotton candy!

Did you know that we won the grand prize last year?? I can't believe I didn't blog about it. Go here and check out our festivities from 2009, if you want. I may have decided to go a little over the top last year and wait in line to get a balloon hat, but it was totally worth it.

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