Seattle by ferry

During our Seattle trip (I know, I still haven't posted stuff from everything we did) we took the ferry from Kitsap County to Seattle and enjoyed the cool weather, crazy wind, and almost invigorating semi-dreary weather. We definitely had our fair share of moody Seattle weather. And, we stopped by a blackberry festival before we got on. I really wanted a blackberry pie but no one wanted to eat it with me. They looked so good though!

Most of the pictures have almost no color, but I like them a lot. We had some great views on the ferry including beautiful boats and houses, crazy diving birds and we could see the Seattle skyline in all its glory.

Also, I absolutely adore my dad, and took tons of pictures of him while on the ferry. My mom wasn't feeling so hot, so she took a nap in the rental car while we went exploring.

I was getting antsy about taking pictures of the skyline and probably should have waited until we were a bit closer, but oh well. We had a blast riding that thing and hopefully someday we'll be back!

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