we finally left the house

So maybe I love coming to Indiana because I hardly ever have to leave the house. Maybe yesterday I didn't leave the house until 7, when Ryan and I went for a walk after dinner. Seriously though, I love neighborhoods and houses and all the trees here, and the rolling hills… 

Anyway, today Ryan and I ventured to Louisville to meet my brother and his gf for lunch. We went to his work, Zirmed, and he showed us around, and then went to lunch. My bro, Adam, didn't have a job for a while and it's so cute not because he's so proud of his cubicle and the room where he does webinars. So cute!

After lunch we ventured to Borders to buy a GRE book for moi. While I was in DC I just rented a few GRE books from the library ((I think I've mentioned before how much I love public libraries like DC. Amazing. Free books! And amazing DVDs, too!)) so I finally bought a Kaplan book and I'm going through it now, starting with page 1. They say 12 weeks is a good amount of time to study, so I'm planning on taking the test in November and turning in applications in December. Man, I just got out of school and now I'm already planning on going back. But like my friend Julie said, if you get your masters now, you can get your phd later, which would be SWEET.

**I can't believe this is all of our stuff from the summer. Well... minus a suitcase and three boxes that we already shipped...**

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