why hello random asian market!

Ry and I went on an adventure yesterday in search of brown sweet rice for my brother Taylor. He's odd and always has weird requests and does weird things, but we love him. And he's getting married in a mater of weeks, so I guess he's not that strange, right? Well, apparently he really wanted this rice, and it's only found at Asian food specialty stores. So after our trip to Borders we placed the address in our trusty GPS and got lost.

i love it, he hates it :)

Well, it wanted us to take an impossible turn due to some construction, so even though we were already across the bridge, on the Kentucky side, we headed ever the bridge to Indiana, just to return back to Louisville. And then Ryan got all flustered that we were going to a random town instead of the street he put in, so he re-checked the GPS, which he had already had trouble with earlier in the day, and when all was well, he gave up.

I realized we were going the same direction as a nice mall in Louisville, so I knew we were fine, but Ry was still confused. He couldn't believe that where we were was still in Louisville. He thought we were way far out. His confusion was adorable.

And I proceeded to sulk since we were so close to a fabulous mall, with no money and no mom. Why couldn't my mom have been with me when I needed her! So close, but so far away…

Well the Asian market was bomb and we came out with some brown sticky rice, some asian candy, and some chinese 5 spice.


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  1. I love those pandas!!! They are delicious but have your eyes ever wandered to the nutrition info? Don't let them! ha ha


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