Have I ever told you that my husband is just the cutest?

I took this picture while driving back from getting random Asian rice in Louisville (not highly recommended, but don't worry, my eyes were forward and I just guessed where the camera should go so I could get a good picture…looks like I should become a pro!)

Anywho, Ry had a huge portfolio and research paper due yesterday at 5pm and now he's finally free to enjoy a little vacation in Provo. It's a little sad that we may never have another summer in Provo and that it'll be our last year here, so we're definitely trying to live it up as much as possible. If anyone has any "must do's" for us for now or later, don't be shy and let us know!

Today: Seven Peaks!!!

UPDATE: I'm feeling a little down today, thanks Utah for giving me a cold, but I'll keep y'all posted on what we do for our last week of summer here!

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