I can't sleep

What do you do when you can't sleep? Blog, of course!

Well, I promise that there will be more interesting blogs than this coming up, but I'd though I'd update my dedicated readers of what we've been up to these past two days. In no particular order, and in which more blog posts will be written to give you more detail into our wild and crazy lives, here's a little something-something to keep you tied-over:

hot tub
mall cop

I feel bad for Ry, he's going golfing with Zach tomorrow and here I am typing away on the computer. He's been such a stud while I've been in and out of sickness these last few days. I best be feeling better tomorrow (technically today) or else. Also, I'm blaming me being up on the Extra Strength Excederin I took before bed. I've never taken any until today and earlier I just took one but before bed I took two. Lesson learned.

Also, I'm starving right now. I want to eat something so bad, but then I'll have to brush my teeth again, and I don't really feel up to that right now. Also, I think my stomach is shrinking (finally) from all the snacking and eating we've been doing in DC and on vacay in IN, but this stomach-shrinking thing really is a killer. I'm always hungry! Man, my life's so hard.

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  1. I'm sorry you can't sleep. That is the worst. Can't wait to hear more about your fun life! Mall cop is pretty funny.


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