Things that happened in September. And a little in October, too.

A little bit of everything here. Isn't it wonderful to compile a big group of happy pictures from you/your kids' lives into one little spot? It's also such a good reminder when things aren't so picture-worthy and these aren't even all the moments (that'd be a little overwhelming, right? if I could just screenshot with my eyes the million and one moments from my day that make me happy? wild).

This kid gets air! One of my favorite pictures of the summer. 

Things we do while waiting for Dad.

Lots of water balloons late in the summer. Lots.

Tourists in Morningside Heights.

Ryan's high school friend on the right plays in a fantastic bluegrass-ish band and we went to a show of theirs. It started at 10, so we were hip New Yorkers for a night.

Box robot!

Playing dress ups with our neighbors, the Wride's.

I just had to document their summer hair. Ode to summer, sun-bleached hair, right here.


A few of Henry's park buddies that we would play with whenever we saw them at the park. Henry actually learned a pretty foul word from the little kid on the left, but it was a good learning experience for me to deal with outside influences and simultaneously want to shelter Hank for the rest of his life. 

Butterflies at the AMNH. The boys were a little hesitant to go and were fairly quick to want to leave, but I could have stayed there for a long time looking at all these beauties and watching them flutter around the room.

Fall views from the Cloisters.

And lastly, we were reunited with McKay! Here Hank is intentionally falling of the bed just to make McKay laugh. 

We've had quite the warm weather this fall, a few colder days, but so many beautiful and sunny days, it's been such a good help to keep me getting out of the house. 

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