Ohio vacation 2015

Ever since law school we've made an annual non-holiday trip to Ohio. First it was for Ryan to study for exams, and now it's just because. I've mostly travelled with the boys as the only adult and I was a little nervous with how well Walter would sit in my lap since he was still free, but had all the energy of an almost two year old, but from what I remember (maybe I should always write about trips after a few months, my memory is so terrible if anything bad happened I forgot and only remember the good :) it went smoothly. Henry was also taking his sweet time becoming fully potty trained (and we were all trying to figure out how to help him best, poor kid) but I think everything went well there, too. Or really, I should say no comment because, like I said, my memory is pretty atrocious. So maybe I should blog about these things closer to the actual event so my kids know what happened, since my memory isn't the best to go on...

Anyway, we went to Ohio and had a blast! The nights are usually hard and long without Ryan, but the days are full of so many new and fun experiences that it's always worth it, and this trip was no exception. Photos!!

Walter was totally enthralled by watching all the airplanes taking off at LaGuardia. He'd yell "airplane!" in this high pitched crazy way.

And no stop to suburbia is complete without multiple trips to Chick fil a. All with exchanging the toy for some ice cream, naturally. 

My mom got a new car since we had been there last, and the boys look pretty good in the front seat. I'll be patiently waiting to buy this beauty when she's ready for something else :)

I think these may be the only pictures with my dad? And none of my mom? I should be better at getting people to stop and pose, but oh well. I love how much my parents love their grandkids and how much my boys love being with them as well. It's so amazing how much love (and a little FaceTime and looking at all the pictures) transcends distance.  

Cousins! I adore all these pictures, blurry/crazy faces/cute faces. I'm so grateful the boys have cousins, and cousins close to their age as well. 

My sister and her husband took a trip out to my parent's to see us while we were there, too and I'm sad this is the only picture I have of them with the boys, but I'm grateful I have it and that they were kind enough to hold the boys' things when they got tired of riding, silly boys.

Car naps! Oh cars, we've missed you.

The boys, my brother, in the back of a pickup cab, it's just all too cute.

This may be one of my favorite plane photos I've taken. Soothie and Woody wanted to see the view from the sky, too. 

We don't have any plans to go back to Ohio next year since we're doing a little destination family vacation in the fall, but I have a feeling we'll see Ohio sometime next year, regardless, we just can't stay away for too long before a pool and a car and CFA start calling our names :)


  1. So fun! Can't believe how big those boys are.
    Also, your sister's boy (maybe it's Gus?) is the SPITTING IMAGE of her. It's crazy.

  2. I adore all of these cute pictures dear. So fun you did on your trip dear! Boys are really cute. Well I am also planning a trip to Chicago with my lovely kids, and there I am going to stay at Chicago venues which are really famous among everyone. What you say?


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