101 in 1001 update!

A whole month without blogging? Well, thanks to instagram you still know what we all look like :) But since I've been lax about blogging I've also been lax about sharing some pictures from my big camera, so even though they don't really go at all, here are a few of my favorite pictures of the boys from the last few months.

We've been semi busy this winter trying out the City a little more and crossing off our list. And I am SO ready for more consistent warm weather to explore, explore without freezing.

16. Visit the Cloisters
Ryan and I went on a day date to the Cloisters and a local coffee shop on a rainy day in March. It's no MET, but fun that it's a part of the MET and since I go running around it all the time (well, all the time except for Dec-Feb) it was fun to see the inside. I have a feeling it may be an annual rainy day neighborhood date.

29. Eat at Chelsea Market
We met up with some friends from Boston in January and I had the most delicious meal from Num Pang. I was even gluten/dairy free that month and it was so, so good. I can't wait to go back and get more, try more food, and check out the antique store there as well.

45. Gluten/Dairy free for one month
I tackled this goal in January and it was a fun challenge. I'm not one for fad diets and although I'm not certain we all need to be gluten/dairy free I do think Americans eat much more processed food than necessary and this goal was a nice challenge to eat more real food and see if my body felt better eliminating these ingredients for a month. It felt good! And I really didn't crave cheese or dairy through the month. It was also a great way to challenge me to find new favorite recipes, fast, budget friendly recipes to add to our rotation.

52. Join a gym
The goal when moving to the city was to finally get a gym membership, to motivate me to work out more consistently. I also really wanted to take group fitness classes more. I loved the classes I took at BYU, especially when Ryan was a student and I had just graduated. But alas, the Y is forever away here so Brittany (our next door neighbor, running buddy and all-around amazing mom) and I joined the Planet Fitness just a few blocks away and it's just what I needed to help me consistently work out through the winter.

81. Buy a couch
We did it! We first were looking at couches, but a little sectional caught our eye and there was no looking back. It's actually the same as my brother/sister in law, and we didn't even plan it. We've got the darker color and they've got the lighter. President's day sales for the win!


  1. i loved this little update on y'alls goals! your pics are the best. we just quit the gym since we never went ha.

  2. Thank goodness the blog is back!
    Re your instagram comment that Henry will be older than most of his classmates, don't forget that Malcolm Gladwell points out that that will give him a head start for his entire life.


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