How old are you? "Free!"

Henry turned "free" on Saturday and although the week started out with a stomach bug that involved each one of us, it ended with a low key bang on his birthday. We started the day with birthday doughnuts, he opened presents and played to his heart's content, and then played at a friends house while Ryan and I went to NJ for a quick trip to buy a grown up couch (hurray!). He had chocolate cake, pasta for dinner, and got a little wild around bed time, which meant he had played nice and hard all day.

We love this vivacious three year old. He's getting pretty talkative, loves to play with Walter, loves to make noises, sing, play, move and throw. I'm excited to sign him up for his first formal sport/team this year, I have a feeling he's going to LOVE it. He recently said that his best friend was Walter and he loves our neighbors and friends from nursery as well. It's so fun to see friendships really emerging and playing together happily moments lasting longer and longer.

I present to you, the many looks of "Henry, please can we take a picture together?"

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