new hampshire and rockport, ma in a weekend.

Last week our ward had a campout at the stake's campground in NH. We decided to skip out on the actual camping out, but instead drove up the next morning for breakfast and some activities. I wish we cold have participated in the activities that happened the night before, but we figured Henry would have a plan of his own and even if we were there we wouldn't have been able to really be there--a sleeping, happy babe is a wonderful thing.

It's a beautiful campground and it was so nice to be out in nature. We really need to go to more campgrounds and hikes more often. Ryan and I aren't anti-campers, but we definitely don't take advantage of the beauty around us as much as we should and want to.

And Henry had a cute little lumberjack shirt that went so perfectly with the day. Score.

After leaving around lunchtime we headed for Rockpot, MA, a super cute port town, to explore, walk around, and find some lunch. I love all the port towns up and down new england and this was no exception. And one day, I'll actually buy some of the beautiful artwork on display in so many of the beautiful art galleries that line the boardwalk.

We ended up buying some great salt water taffy at Tuck's, going to Top Dog for lunch (hot dogs and baseball--tis the season :) and getting ice cream at The Ice Cream Store. Can't wait to go back for some lobster (I've heard rave reviews about Roy Moore Lobster Co) next year (after Hank's lobster debacle earlier this summer we decided to have a more low key lunch this time around).

Have I mentioned that we love where we live? This summer was amazing with so many adventures and although I'm sure this fall will be the most low key season we've had here by far, I'm sure the adventures will be just as exciting, with just a few more things to bring along.


  1. Love your photos! Especially Henry climbing the steps of those OLD buildings!

  2. Sounds amazing. I want to come. Also, what is this debocle?

  3. I'm embarrassed my phone didn't correct debacle. What a weird word


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