from not-so-great to grand.

This week[end] has been full of ups and downs, but the downs always end as ups. This story is a bit long, but I just had to share how crazy our life can be/seem and how grateful I am for Ryan.

The beginning of the week was stressful as Ryan completed interviews and finished a major project, as mentioned, but ended with a beautiful trip to the Boston LDS temple on Thursday morning. The temple workers were so kind and friendly and took a liking to Henry as Ryan and I traded off doing temple ordinances one at a time. We were not so good at consistently going last year and I am determined to change that. And our day got even better after that as we went to Dave's Fresh Pasta for some amazing deli sandwiches for lunch.

Henry was fantastic throughout the morning as well, with his usual rambunctiousness, but we could both tell he was getting sick with a cold. Then came Friday and my plan was to go[walk] to the library and Anthro (they had a great sale). It was a pretty cold day and although Henry was fine until check-out, he was miserable the entire way home. He was crying up a storm and you could tell it wasn't his normal "I'm tired/hungry" cry. It was a sad, "I'm sick" one. Totally broke my heart and stressed me out all at the same time. Thirty minutes later--with continual crying even as I held him while pushing the stroller--we finally got home. Needless to say, if Ryan hadn't of been home when we walked through the door, I might have had a breakdown right then and there.  But the down went up and Ryan saved the day and played with Henry while I cooled down.

Ryan had to leave later that night to go to a stake campout with the youth, but poor, sick Henry was a champ that night and slept like a rock. Because he was sick? Or just being super nice to me? Either way, I appreciated him 12-hour night, and am grateful he could sleep off his little cold. Ryan surprised us by getting home earlier than expected on Saturday morning, and then after I ran a few errands that afternoon I came home to some beautiful flowers to celebrate my survival. He sure does know what makes me happy and I'm so grateful he thought to get me a few colorful flowers to brighten my day.

I know not everything turns from down to up as quickly as this week, and Henry is still getting over his cold and I'm still going to be frustrated that he gets into things he shouldn't [and that my wish for nothing except for his toys would ever be reachable to him won't ever happen], but I sure am grateful for the temple, for an eternal perspective, and for a loving husband to help out.


  1. First off, way to go Ryan!! That is so sweet. You guys are such a great team. Such an example. I'm sorry that Henry was so sick! :( It's the worst these days when they're sick... trying to express help but not getting the message through with crying and "gagagagbababadadada" can get frustrating for these boys!! It sounds like you really kept it together though.. much better than me!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Ah, sorry about the rough weekend. I hope this week is better! I am super intrigued about this Dave's Fresh Pasta place...


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