an end to january.

I can't believe it's February. Henry's birth month. Has almost a whole year already gone by?   And really, I can't even believe January is over. Except Christmas seems so far away. But then shouldn't I be used to the whole Ryan at school and me with Henry all day again? Because I'm not. It's like I lost all ability to be by myself during the break.

Welp, this is a little of what we've been up to this month:

- Henry's a super fast crawler now, and on his knees more often. And he can pull himself up way fast now, and even with just one hand. We go on "walks" around the house as he holds our hands and guides us and I'm still speechless that one day he'll actually be able to walk around on his own. He's also a crazy talker, no real words, other than dada occasionally, but he babbles a ton. Ryan is convinced he already has an imaginary friend. Oh, and still only four teeth, but you can tell two more want to come, they're just taking their sweet time. Henry's also developed his second cold and his nose is a bit more stuffy/runny than the last time. A child with a runny nose is the worst. Ok, probably not the worst, but I know what I thought about when I saw a kid with a runny nose, so I'm constantly trying to wipe it up so no one else can make those judgements (I doubt my plan is working that well, though.).

- Ryan has been super busy at school with a case the non-profit clinic he's in is working on. It's kinda like he has a real life job...and it's kindof terrible. I want law-school-come-home-for-lunch Ryan back. He's also continuously applying for summer jobs and had a few great interviews earlier in the week so we'll keep crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that good things come our way.

- I've been working on some photoshoots, trying to do the dishes more so Ryan doesn't always come home to a massive pile, reading more, watching too much Frasier, and constantly wanting to paint my nails but never finding the time. One day :)


  1. Breaks are the best and the worst all in one! It's so nice to have more of them but so much harder to go back to less of them! I have a feeling I will be having a pretty hard time once Chase starts this job considering we spend so much time together now and especially will between now and when he starts because he isn't working or going to school. Sheesh typing that out and thinking about it sounds awful. I may need a support group!
    Can't believe that sweet boy is almost one! Time really does fly!

  2. I can't believe Henry is almost 1! He is so adorable and from his pictures looks like he has such a fun little personality. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out while our husbands went to school!


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