the men of phoenix.

I was lucky enough to take a few pictures for the Mulligans last week and Ryan and Henry tagged along as well. I was able to try out the lens I received for a belated birthday/early Christmas present and I cannot wait to share some of their pictures. Really, I'm on pins and needles I love them so much. The Mulligans are definitely one of my top 3 favorite Phoenix families and it was so great to capture them all together--they're wild and crazy and amazingly photogenic.

But enough about that. After the shoot I took a few pictures of Grant, Ryan and Henry. The bearded men and the baby. And since Ryan is currently shaving the beard off, I'm glad I got a few pictures of it to document its amazingness.

Also, I love how much Grant and Ryan love each other and how much Grant loves Henry. In a totally manly way, of course. And ladies, he's single...

Grant, not Henry. I mean, Henry's not in any arranged marriage or anything, he's just not looking to date quite yet.

Ok, proof below of the cuteness of my favorite boys:

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  1. Blast! You got me all excited that Henry was ready to date. No matter. I'll wait. ;)


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