henry in the am.

{I've made a concerted effort to take more pictures during our vacation, so although I'm behind, enjoy some documentation of the adventures of Henry (because really, that's what the blog should be called anyway. The adventures of Henry, with special appearances by mom and dad...)}

I took a few pictures of Henry last Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church. We put him in the pack n play with a few toys but all he wanted to do was stand up and look at us or suck on his soothie (his mini blanket). We sure do love morning Henry, even if we lose a little more sleep than we'd like. And thank heavens for soothies and the amazing (and soothing :) powers they have.

...and just look at those adorable two bottom teeth!

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  1. We miss you guys - are you ever coming back?! Looks like you're having a great trip!


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