instas in ohio.

Henry and I digging our holiday vacay with my parents so far. Here's a whole slew of itouch pictures for those of you who don't follow us on insta, and some that I just haven't gotten around to posting yet. 

1-4 chillin at the mall while my mom shopped (i observed :)
5 christmas tree shopping!
6 my newest obsession--Ryan, it's up to you to buy me a year's supply before you leave for Christmas...
7 yep, i ran. once. even tied my sweatshirt around my waist so i could be like the cool kids...
8 exersaucer time. he's quite the stander (with help still) now and can even "walk" pretty nicely as well
9 up from a nap. tender, right?
10 Henry's first car wash
11 snack time
12 start 'em young: nerf football bonding time

happy weekend everyone!

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