an anniversary day.

Today is my parent's 30th anniversary. I couldn't ask for better parents and they were gracious enough to let Henry and I traipse around town with them today as they went shopping for something for my mom. It was so fun to go into the stores and realize that they were me one day, not too long ago--not too much to their name and holding little ones in their arms-- and that one day Ryan and I can be like them. As much as I love the here and now, I cannot wait to experience what they have today as well.

My little sister, Brynn, wrote all the marrieds in my family a super heartfelt email a few days ago about how grateful she is for the positive examples of married (and happy in the marriages) siblings and as honored as I am to be included in that group, I know it wouldn't be so without the fabulous example of my parents. They've been through thick and thin and I can only hope that my own marriage can be as strong as theirs.

My parents have a little group of pictures of all of us and our husbands/wives and they also have the picture below displayed--our first family picture with all the kids present (thanks to Brynn for posting is on Fb today so I can have a copy now too :). I can only hope I have kids that cute, and they turn out as awesome as my own siblings.

Hurray for families! Now excuse me as I watch Modern Family, since my own little family is a) sleeping and b) on a man-date since they're a few hundred miles away.

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