thankful sundays.

Henry and I had some ultra mommy and me time this weekend since Ryan was away at an arbitration competition with the law school. Aka, we did a lot of shopping. Don't worry, we really just got things we needed, but it was fun to take extra time at Target and Costco since, sadly, no one would be there when we got home. Which brings me to another thankful sunday post. (notice a trend on the pictures. we love this kid.)

five: On the go baby food
Thank you Target for making an off-brand. And what did people used to do? Carry around jars and spoons wherever they went??? Henry will be out of the puree stage soon enough, but I'm grateful that for now, there's a less messy food option when we're out and about. Also, thank you Costco for having samples that Henry could eat. I may have taken more than my fair share.

six: our country
In short, for as crazy as our country is, there are countries that are a whole lot crazier. So I'm glad we live here.

seven: Christmas music
Plain and simple, it rocks. And this being Henry's first Christmas, we're living it up. Also, he can't tell me to stop repeating a song over and over. So we're listening to songs over and over.

eight: laundry
I've said this before, but I will be so grateful for the day when we have our own washer and dryer. Or even just one in the same building as us. Henry and I did laundry by ourselves this week and boy, it just takes it out of you, all those trips back and forth with a babe. But I'm grateful for clothes that smell like Tide. And a husband who usually does the laundry trek instead.

nine: our car
I'm grateful for our car, and the awesome insurance that we have. Ryan got into a fender bender last week (their fault) and after being car-less for a few days, we got the car back on Friday. Boston, you may have made be a bit more aggressive on the road, but I'm so grateful for our trusty car to help out on those not-so-walking-friendly days.

ten: photography
I took some family pictures for a friend and I am so grateful for the creative outlet of photography. I know family pictures isn't always the most fun thing in the world, so I love being able to make it a little more enjoyable. And being around gorgeous babies, moms, husbands, and the like isn't half bad as well.

eleven: our ward
Church was really crazy today and with Ryan not there I was a little nervous about pulling everything off with Henry in tow. But I had absolutely nothing to worry about. He hung out with Collins and the Coombs during the first hour, and then I handed him off to Molly during the second hour and she took it from there. From what I hear, he was passed down the row throughout the last two hours, with eager hands awaiting their time to hold him. He even inherited an empty mentos container that kept him busy while I was eating dinner tonight. Our ward rocks.


  1. Don't you ever feed that kid? He's starving....with something always in his mouth! He's so cute! And I'm just kidding....you are a wonderful mother!

  2. I think you were asking a while back for items to use. I have two.
    One, For getting out urine stains, use a mixture of ammonia and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Be sure to not make it too thick or it won't spray. Just spay on the stain and throw it in the basket till the next wash. Be sure not to use bleach when ammonia is in the wash.
    Two, For general cleaning and especially as a substitute for shower wall spray, use a 50-50 mixture of Jet Dry [rinse aid for dishwashers--very cheap at Costco] and rubbing alcohol. If you spray it on the shower walls or floor, it will dissolve the grime that normally collects. It's the same thing as the expensive shower sprays.


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