sink baths.

We're sink-bath people. Babies just look so darn adorable getting washed in the sink and really, no contraption needed. Just a clean sink and cute boy.

My grandma gave Henry a bath before they left on Tuesday and my grandma didn't even know what she was getting herself into. He about refused to sit the entire time. Stand only. His little hands were pretty darn cold at the end of those (not even) five minutes, but no complaints or crying, just standing only. His little knees would lock when she tried to sit him down and although you'd think he'd want to relax, play a little and splash, the only thing on his agenda: standing. It's no wonder he pulled himself up on his own later that day.

To add to my grateful list: amazing grandmas who dote on their great-grandkids like crazy and deep sinks that are perfect for baby baths.

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