more firsts.

Tis the season for firsts. First thanksgiving, and yesterday, the first time pulling himself up by himself. I could tell he'd been looking for things/ways to aid him in pulling himself up, but everything was either too short or too tall to be any help. The exersaucer was perfect and as my mom and I were watching a little television, and as Henry played in the nearby toy corner, all of a sudden we both turn to see Henry watching a little tv with us as he holds on to the exersaucer, casually standing. No big deal or anything.

I am so proud of my little boy and am quite frightened by how much he could grow/discover just as we vacation in Ohio. And then grow even more and have even more firsts while in Arizona. Boston won't even recognize him once we go back!

And don't mind the pantslessness and chatting in the background. One day I'll make a cute video with a song in the background or something. But until then, in all his diaper-bum glory: Henry.


  1. Too cute and funny!! I just love how rolly-poly babies are..haha.

  2. haha, i love that he only has one sock on! i can't wait to see you and hank in like 16 days!


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