(belated) thankful sundays.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I've been counting down the months and days until I see my parents/sister/brother/nephew for so long and I'm so grateful to live just close enough that a long day's drive is all that's needed for me to be so close to them.

And with that, let's begin the thankful list for this week:

one: soup and biscuits
We made the kale and chickpea soup from my soup post here and I'm so grateful for the warmth of a warm bowl of soup on a cold day.

two: blogs and the like
I'm awful at keeping up with friend's lives. And current events. And a lot of things. But thank goodness for friends who keep their blogs updated and who let me know which recipes I should be making.

three: imperfect pictures (as seen by the awesome yet blurry pictures seen in this post)
I was thinking about all the pictures I have of Henry, as well as the pictures lost, and realized that I love them all, a little blurry or not. Sorry for the pictures used that aren't crisp clear, it kind of kills me when they're not, but with Henry's crazy/moving/talking everywhere-ness, I figure I'd rather capture a bit of his personality than delete it just because it's not quite 'perfect'.

four: frasier
My instant queue show of the last few months. I absolutely adore the show and it's humor. Always a misunderstanding. Always a funny remark from Niles and Frasier's dad, Martin. I'm sure there are other, more suspenseful, maybe even more thoughtful shows out there, but I absolutely love it. I think it's really well done and now I'm halfway through all the seasons and I'm already getting mopey about what I'll have to watch when it's over.

five: last minute plans
Our play date plans were canceled last minute, so we went over to a friend's suburbian casa for a few hours and chatted while she did a few things around the house. I have a feeling her home will be my cold-weather home away from home this winter, and with the Gap outlet so close, I'm getting really excited.

six: board games
To put it lightly, no one in my family is really a board game kind of person. So my love for board games came late in life (at 18, haha). We had some friends come over Friday night to play Settlers...twice. I lost both times. So I'm reeeaaallly in the mood to play again. Too bad we can't play it with two. A game of Ticket to Ride may be in order tonight :)

seven: vocal point hymns
They make Sunday even better.

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  1. Emily! We love playing Settlers! I see a board game night in our future!


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