the future henry.

Henry sat on the floor, playing with so many bright, new toys (as seen below). Brigham went over to him, saw that he had a little scratch on his face, and bent down to kiss it. The tenderness of a three year old kills me.

Minutes later, as they both sit of the couch, Brigham  practically lays on Henry as he gives him a hug and proceeds to "pick him up" with major assistance from me. That same tenderness makes me juuuust a bit nervous.

It was so fun to see the two of them interact as I babysat Brig and envision Henry in Brigham's place, being the "big brother." It's a good thing he has some awesome great examples around him to love on him/be a little rough with him. Goodness knows his future siblings will get lots of it, he might as well get a little, too!

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