Yesterday was seriously such a nice day. Henry and I ran to the store in the morning to move the car for street cleaning (for the last time this year, hurray!) and then in the afternoon went on a drive around Forest Hills cemetery to look at the huge, old, gorgeous trees and all their fall amazingness. I took more pictures than you should while driving, but I couldn't help it. And luckily, no one was behind me for a bit, so I could drive as slow as I want. If you're looking for us on Sunday, now you'll know where to find us. 

I'm lucky enough to live near such beauty, but at the same time I'm super bummed that we a) don't have a window that faces the street so I never know what it looks like outside and b) don't even have a ledge that gets sunlight to grow even just a little flower. I almost feel bad for any flowers that come into our house, knowing that they'll never see the light of day (literally) again. Almost. 

For now, I'll borrow the beauty of Boston's fall and pretend like this greenhouse of mums is all mine. 

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