ice cream with dad.

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to get to hang out with Ryan for a whole afternoon and during the school week! After heading up to Boston College for a summer internship interview (for him, not me :) We headed to White Mountain Creamery--it was REALLY good. They had a pumpkin flavor, which almost beats out the Kimball Farms ice cream I had earlier in September. It was thicker, like Coldstone, but, in our opinion, much better. They even sell ice cream by the pint or so, and it was really tempting not to grab a couple batches of pumpkin and cookie monster (cookie dough and oreo) to go.

Also, can we talk about cookie dough ice cream? I love the cookie dough, but not so much the tiny chips of chocolate. I just want cookie dough, without the hard chocolate kinda ruining it all. This ice cream was the perfect problem solver. Cookie dough bits, but instead of hunks of hard chocolate, oreo was subbed in. I'm not the biggest fan of oreo ice cream...but this new flavor may have just converted me.

Anywho, we loved spending time with Dad (as the crazy-eyed kid on the left attests) and can't wait until the holidays, and weekends too, to do more crazy stuff like this.


  1. I completely agree with you about the little chocolate chips in cookie dough icecream. They just never melt and then soon you're done with the icecream but have a wad of unmeltable "chocolate" left. It's seriously one of my pet peeves, it is the reason I hate mint chocolate chip icecream although I absolutely love mint icecream.

  2. uhm that cookie monster ice cream sounds delicious! I always have a hard time deciding between oreo and cookie dough but I usually get oreo because of the hard chocolate chips! This is the perfect compromise!


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