an 8 month birthday.

The 21st of each month comes too quickly. Henry is 8 months old now and with so many new and exciting changes since month 7, I thought I'd do a little update on what this little guy is up to these days. For those who follow via twitter and facebook, a few of these are repeats, but don't worry, the pictures are new, so that's something, right? 

We went to the Head of the Charles Regatta yesterday and watched the rowers at the starting line, then proceeded with a mini photoshoot that included way too many photos. But the light was gorgeous and the trees are still so colorful...cute kid + good light + fall in new england...it was heavenly.

henry is a major crawler and mover now. he started out army crawling and has just now started to use the balls of his feet when he crawls and moves his little tush up in the air. it's so fun to see him figure out how to do things good...better...and then best. from sitting up to crawling, it's sometimes hard to believe this kid used to just lay there and coo and smile.

we've got a tooth! his first tooth started coming in on wednesday night with a vengeance and by thursday morning we could feel a little jagged bump on the bottom of his mouth. you still can't see the tooth very well, but if you live with this kid, you sure do know it's there. he had a rough few nights, but slept like a champ yesterday and is pretty good most of the day. the little teething ring we have, along with other random household objects he can gum, have been lifesavers. also, baby tylenol.

a major haircut is coming hank's way and while he should be a little nervous (i'll be watching some youtube videos this week since i've never actually seen a boy get their hair cut...), it's a good thing he has no idea this is about to happen. fingers crossed it'll look ok!

we've got attachment issues here. i remember reading some child-development email that said something about your child will start to become attached and henry hadn't so i got all excited. and then a few weeks went by and bam! attached. since our living room and kitchen are at opposite ends of our {huge...ha} apartment, it's a little frustrating, but it's all of a combined 12 steps there and back, so, it could be worse.

welp, we love this kid and can't wait to see what the next month brings. he's changing and growing and we love him more and more each day. there are always way too many stories to share and tell and way too many moments where i wish i could hit the pause button to savor them longer. 


  1. I feel like I say this every time you post but that doesn't make it any less true... He is getting so big! That is certainly not the Henry we met in August. :)
    I love the shots with Ryan at the beginning. And you, Emily are looking wonderful!

  2. Love your updates! Nice to see photos of all three of you!

  3. Love these! Also, I forget that Dave and Henry SHARE A BIRTHDAY. I see major parties in our future. Also I really wish you could come take newborn pics for me.


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