surviving the storm.

it's hurricane sandy time over here, but other than some {kinda crazy} wind and rain, we're doing great. and quite enjoying this day with ryan since bu was forced to shut down per the governor's request. geez, bu, way to be stingy.

cupcakes will be made this afternoon, along with a shepherd's pie for this evening. henry is napping, and i'm doing a little cookbook reading.

oh, and we took a fabulous family picture this morning.

followed by a little bit better one.

but that first one kills me. i'm so very willing to sacrifice a little blurry-ness and crazy closed eyes so that the world can see our darling baby boy.


  1. LOOOOVE it! You need to blow that first picture up and hang it on your wall!!!

  2. so glad you shared the first one even though your eyes are closed. Hen's face is perfect!!

  3. Adorable! Henry's hair looks great :)


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