our firefighter.

Happy Sunday! Henry's having some crazy sleep issues, so we're home for the day. Still, I thought I'd keep everyone updated with Henry's growing talents, since we were a little MIA last week.


My grandma (Grammy) was gracious enough to get us a whole heap of boy clothes once we found out we were having a boy. She is the ultimate garage-saler, let me tell you. And since my grandpa (Papa) was a firefighter, we happened upon quite a few firefighting-themed onesies. I finally thought Hen may be big enough for one particular outfit and it turns out it fits him perfectly...except in the legs. Maybe we don't have such a small kid afterall...or maybe the outfit just shrunk a little... Either way I think he looks darling and I wanted to show him off to my grandparents. And since the video(s) are too long to send through e-mail, everyone gets to see Hen practice his sitting and chatting skills.

The first video is mostly for my grandparents, and the second one, well, he was just sitting in his play area chatting up a storm all by himself so I tried to 'hidden-camera-style' capture it. I didn't want to say anything for fear that I may interrupt his conversation, but even when he saw the camera he kept talking. This kid is an exceptional eater and a talker--he's definitely ours.


  1. Yeah... I STILL don't believe that sweet little creature can be fussy..... I love that he said "hey" in the second video when you said "hey Hen."
    Auden missed his pal today at church! We need to get the two boys talking and playing now that they can both sit up!! :)

  2. I know I loved that little "hey" too. And ha! Definitely yours. I love that line :)

  3. He is darling! Hope you all get to sleeping better!
    Love, Terri

  4. It's been far too long since I've held Henry. He's so squishy!


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