mara + henry

I think these two have a crazy special bond. When Mara was here she played peekaboo with Henry and Henry was in heaven, he loved it so much. I love that Henry laughs so much when family is around. We really do love our families.

We were on our way home from Concord/Lexington so you can hear Ryan and Brian chatting in the front of the suburban, and I wish I could have gotten more video, but alas. Mara and Hen were playing this game the entire time and everyone in the car couldn't help but smile. There's just something about a baby's laugh that makes everyone's mood a bajillion times better.

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  1. We are just chilling, watching the Olympics, Brian & the kids are playing a card game (heard of Scum?) and I'm on Brian's laptop, writing the kids' journal. I'm doing my Sunday night ritual of checking your blog and I started yelling, "Mara!! Look at this!" The kids loved re-living that fun time of Henry laughing like crazy. Thanks for posting this! Mara feels famous. =)


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