5 months.

I love that Gus and Henry are within a week of being exactly 4 months apart. We get his little monthly stats right around the same time as Henry's! Here's what's happening as of late (along with some pictures, because what's a post without pictures?? boring, that's what.)

1. A cute picture that I posted the night Hen decided to be mega fussy and exhausting. It definitely makes me take a breath and remember how much I really love this kid.
2. We got caught in a(nother!) afternoon rainstorm. Love summer rain storms, but I'm not particularly a fan of looking like a crazy person as I speed-walk down Beacon St. getting soaked.
3. That hair. I think we'll be cutting it soon. He's just got this chunk in the front that's getting a bit out of control...
4. A new way to hang out in the Moby that Hen really digs.
5. Oh, just a cute boy in his jammies.

- He's into his feet again. It's like he rediscovered them, after discovering them a few weeks ago.

- He really likes sucking/chewing/teething. We have a little teething toy he's been using, although I don't think any teeth are coming in quite yet.

- He likes standing up again. For a little while he really didn't but he's digging it again.

- He seems to be the strong, silent type these days. He's not quite the noisemaker he was before, but he's really into the sucking-in-air-and-making-noise noise, which is pretty cute.

- He is more smiley and giggly than ever. We love love love tickle time. I try and do raspberries on his tummy after his bath, but he just gives me a blank stare. It's pretty entertaining.

- Lastly, he's sleeping a ton better. We've picked a few things out from babywise that we wanted to try and a lot of it seems to be working. He was really unhappy for a while, and not sleeping very well, and waking up terribly craky, but since we've made a few adjustments things seem to be going a bit better. I mean, we're always tweaking/changing, but something (maybe just the fact that we're trying something new so we're more observant of his tired cues, etc) seems to be helping.


  1. I love that he gives you a blank stare when you try raspberries..haha. Aiden used to do the same thing, but now he thinks it's funny :) And I swear by "Babywise." Aiden sleeps at least 11 hours every night and would sleep longer if I didn't wake him up in the morning!

  2. Cute! Glad that he's been sleepin better! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway! Good luck!



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