feeling good + instas.

Ah, it's amazing what a three day weekend can do for your week. This week has been quite good, let me tell you. I worked out a whopping 4 times and I'm feeling so healthy and strong. I've been switching off between Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and Crunch's Candlelight Yoga (through Netflix)--Jillian gives me a kick in the pants and Sara helps me stretch it all out.

It also helps that although Hen's been a little difficult in the daytime--skipping naps or not going down unless he's free and in his bouncer, or just crying his little head off getting all worked up (so sad!)--he's been sleeping great at night. It's crazy that his schedule stays the same for a bit, gets all crazy and changes, and then stays the same…then repeat, but we've got a growing boy on our hands and he's such a champ. He's happy most of the time and we're pretty flexible around here to help him grow and figure out what works best.

Ryan and I are going on our second "just the two of us" outing (thanks for the first one, mom!) and our first "just the two of us" date night! We've got a sitter lined up and I think we're headed to a Greek festival in Arlington. Fingers crossed Hen takes the night with stride!!

Henry's schedule has been a bit crazy lately (well, he doesn't really have a schedule, more like, events-that-happen-in-a-row) and in the middle of a feeding he totally conked out. It was the first time I moved him from my lap and onto the couch without waking him in a long time, and I couldn't help but snap a picture. And don't worry, I was by him the whole time he mini-napped (about 20 min?).

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