we survived.

Last night Henry decided not to sleep as much as I would have liked, so this morning called for a stay-in-your-jammies (also, it was raining and dreary outside) kind of day.

Then I realized that I still hadn't gotten Henry's birth certificate and needed to pick it up before we left for Ohio next week, so off to City Hall we went.

We experienced being in a non-wheelchar accessible T stop (who would have known Gov't Center wasn't wheelchair accessible?!), then waiting forever for the next train knowing that our destination was literally right outside, but my stroller didn't fit on the escalator to get out), then when trains finally came they were all--like 3 in a row--out of service. Then we finally got to our stop and I rode the stinkiest elevator yet. So. Gross.

Hen was a champ and slept through it all, but woke up when we were in line and got a bit fussy. Try as I may with the paci, he's just not a paci kinda kid, so I just held him and he was pretty good just hangin out and waiting for lunch. Good thing there is a Gap nearby--we killed two birds with one stone and Hen got some lunch and I bought him a rash guard for the pool. [[side note: Gap has v-neck onesies for babies. With little pockets on the chest. It took all that I have not to buy him one.]]

The route home was a bit less eventful and once again, Hen fell asleep until we got to our doorstep.

On a(nother) side note, Boston's birth certificates are completely devoid of emotion and personality. And they're really big.

The end.

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  1. Wow! Good job, momma! Isn't it incredible how going on an outing with a baby can be more stressful than all your college finals combined? Who knew?


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