4 months.

While in OH Henry had his four month birthday! We had his appt. today so I thought I'd update the masses on Hen's stats and what he's up to these days. And include a few fun pictures from a matching playdate with Gus.

Length: 25.6 in. (77%)
Weight: 14.5 lbs. (34%)
Head: 41.3 cm (22%)

Not too many changes in the weight and head circumference percentages, but the important thing is that he's getting bigger and gaining weight, which is rad. And Mom, you were right, he is a bit tall after all. Looks like the Dalby genes aren't slowing him down one bit.

1. Henry can roll over from his tummy to back and from his back to tummy! He just started rolling from his back to tummy when we were at my parents and this morning Ryan finally got to see him in action. He would roll over and then get stuck and not really love being on his tummy at first, but just this morning he went from his front to back to front. His legs go crazy with crawling motions and he loves doing 360's on us when he's on his back.

2. We've got a squawker! Hen was chatting up a storm at the pediatrician's today. Don't you just love when you tell your doctor, or anyone for that matter, 'oh he does this and that' and then he actually does it?? He loves squawking and I'm loving it. It usually subsides by the time I actually get the camera or itouch out, but oh well. I'll get a video-worth-posting soon.

3. One of Hen's new toys really lets him try out his grab-and-suck reflexes, and boy is he on it. He loves grabbing now and he loves sucking on just about anything he can get his hands on. The doc checked out his gums and it doesn't look like they're swollen, but we're on the lookout for teeth these days. I'm not really pumped about that one, but I guess he has to grow up some time. And I can't wait to make a few purees for him this fall.

4. He follows us as we come in and exit the rooms these days too. Follows us with his eyes, of course. This morning when I put him down for his nap while his eyes were still open (we're working on the whole, drowsy-but-awake thing) he followed me out of the room. It's like he knows me or something.

5. Last, but not least, mirror time is a hit these days. I'll sit in front of the mirror with him and be his chair and he usually goes crazy with noises and kicking. He'll slowly slide down so I'll re-adjust him and the kicking and squawking commences.

He got a few shots today but is doing pretty well with it all. He cried for a minute but stopped the second I picked him up and then slept on the way home and then for another 45 minutes. What a champ we have on our hands.


  1. Those pictures are the cutest/funniest

  2. ha i love the one of gus lookin up hen's shorts. i'm so glad hen made it through his shots. what a trooper!


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