new favorites.

Today is humid and gross and I've got a fussy, refusing-to-nap baby with a fever in the house. The good news is that maintenance came and set up our portable a/c (one day, we will return to the land of central air and it will be glorious!) so it feels so much better in our house.

On a different, and happier (because good food makes everything better) note, here are two of our new favorite foods:

Blueberry Banana Muffins from Everyday Reading. These are perfectly sweet and our new favorites. They're pretty low on the sugar scale so you can really taste the naturally sweet fruit, which we love. And blueberries are on sale these days--double win!

Spicy Potato Curry from allrecipes.com. So there's 1 1/2 t. of cayenne in there, and I lowered it to 1 1/4 thinking that we could totally take the heat…but I'm going to have to lower it again the next time we make it. And there will definitely be a next time. I used red potatoes and upped the potato ante by using maybe 10 or so potatoes. Oh and I used frozed, thawed peas instead of canned, but followed everything else. Super tasty, my friends.

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