memorial day weekend in Boston.

Writing the little post about DC made me realize that we do fun things here in Boston too, I just need to blog about them more.

We had a really great weekend. Filled with Thor and Up, walks to the park and through the public garden and Boston Common, a picnic, and a shopping trip to Madewell (with Ry so he could hold/entertain a fussy Henry). I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend.

1. 33,000 flags representing every MA soldier killed in action since the civil war
2. Hen and the flags…soakin it all in :)
3. & 4. Dad and Mom with Hen after our picnic. Apparently something to the left of us was very interesting.

On a side note, Ry's weekend was a little more stressful, with a Sunday full of not-so-fun things happening one on top of the other. Hate when that happens.

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