mediterranean omelets.

Some people get take-out menus so they can order from the restaurant later. We get them so we can just copy their recipes at home. We went to Pauli's in the North End last Tuesday for a quick lunch and LOVED it. Their Chicken Mediterranean Wrap was seriously amazing. Since we can't go to Pauli's every day, we took a menu and had them come to us.

Mediterranean Omelete (makes 1)
- three eggs
- dash of milk
- salt and pepper
- basil
- feta
- cherry tomatoes, chopped

Whisk first three ingredients. Pour into hot skillet and once ready, add the last three to one side of the omelet.

We used plain feta, but you can get mediterranean-style feta and I bet that would be even better. Maybe even add tiny bits of chopped red onion? We felt so classy and brunch-y Saturday morning eating them.

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  1. Hahahha! We totally do the same thing! Especially at Thai restaurants. It's good to know we're not crazy.


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