an update through instagram

It's finally spring here! Well, sort of. We go through multiple cool/warm phases throughout each week, but there are flowers all around (some, unfortunately, are already dying with the cold) and they definitely add a little color to the beautiful brick all around. 

Henry is growing like a weed and is smiling more and more, following faces and noises, and has even turned over! It's not consistent, so most of the time he's *so close* and it's so amazing to see him grow and learn. I'm loving walking/driving around the city with Henry and exploring each day. Since our heat was off a few days last week we headed to the mall and Henry was a champ. I'm getting used to the whole nursing in the changing room thing, if I do say so myself. Henry and I even went exploring all the way down to Washington St--3 miles there and 3 miles back. I don't recommend walking 6 miles in Uggs, but it was a great way to see the city and  I can't wait to do it again with 1) more snacks packed for myself and 2) better weather. We passed right by the public garden, but since it was nippy we kept on going.

Also, I bought some mini dessert dishes and sour patch kids on that long, long walk and I'm loving putting all my snacks in the dishes. They're the perfect size. I now know why people love Marshall's so much. Also, I got a cute nautical top that reminds me of Amanda, and of summer. I'm super excited to wear it soon.

Conference this weekend was so great. I'm finally making a car seat cover this week, I just made some homemade granola this morning and I even gave Henry a bath. Conference totally pumped me up and we've got a super productive week planned.


  1. You've done so much, that is awesome! I am going to try homemade granola in the next couple of days, I am really excited!

  2. Well hello! Let's see the top!!


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