swimsuit season.

I've been talking about going to the pool for weeks now, but only a few days ago did it really occur that I'd be putting on a bathing suit in a matter of months. Really? I got the 'a-ok' check from the doc early this week (hurray for an *almost* full recovery!) and decided it's time to bust out those hand weights, pull out the yoga dvds and put on my running shoes (aka my run/walk/mostly walk/ing shoes).
I'm really excited to put my body back in shape. Thankfully, I was at a good weight before the babe and am back to that weight already (thank you breastfeeding!). My goal is to be 5 pounds lower than my wedding-day weight, which was five pounds less than my pre-preggo weight. But of course, the numbers don't really matter-- it's all about being healthy. So bring on the fruits and veggies!
BTW: I've been eyeing these beauties from Target recently. Aren't they darling?


  1. " the numbers don't really matter-- it's all about being healthy" Preach it girl!!

  2. they are cute, but they have no support! at least for outgrageous boobs like mine, but good luck!


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