on weekends...

Weekends are the best. Ryan has been staying around the house on the weekends and studying here instead of the law tower and although I know he is not nearly as productive here, I am so grateful he hangs around our neck of the woods. I love seeing him hold Henry, and every time I'm done feeding Hen and am about to leave him chillin on the floor or put him in the bouncer, Ryan jumps at the opportunity to hold him. Even if reviewing those notes just got a little tougher.

In our unbiased opinion, we think he's the best dad in the world.


  1. hen is so beautiful! and what sweet parents he gets to be hang out with for forever :)

  2. Henry is so precious!! I hope you are loving every minute and getting some more sleep :) I got all of Aiden's swim wear from Target (it's Carter's)!


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