On tender mercies.

I've been in a bit of mourning today missing my mom. She left just hours ago, but I miss her like crazy. She's been such a great help these last few weeks teaching me how I can be as good of a mother as her. It's a hard thing to do, to even come close to her amazingness, but I hope I can be as great a mother as her.

As I've dealt with a fussy and hungry baby today, I decided to sing some Primary songs to Henry. And you know what? With every song came a smile from him. I'm sure it's just one of those baby-reflex things, but to me, it was a tender mercy that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me so much. Baby Henry hasn't even been with our family for two weeks, but what a tremendous blessing he's been to our family already. We love all of him, even his cute little (and sometimes big) cries.


  1. So glad your mom was there to help you out and yes she is a great mom and person! You have a great example in your mother. And make no mistake, those were actual smiles while you sang Primary songs! So glad you can recognize those tender mercies as an exhausted new mother. Our Heavenly Father does love you. And you have an adorable son!

  2. love that baby and you too! you are an awesome mama to little hank. he's a lucky boy.


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