Downton Abbey

Thanks to my mom, we've watched the entire Downton Abbey season 2 this week. We finished season one right before Henry arrived and she was nice enough to buy season 2 after we got home from the hospital. We watched it every night while we ate dinner and now I'm afraid the dinner hour just won't be as exciting as before. I guess we'll revert back to Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Either way, I highly recommend DA and I'm on pins and needles waiting for season 3. And crossing my fingers we'll be able to watch it online some way, somehow, this fall. All of you with cable…be grateful. We're super jealous of you.

Oh, and in case you wanted to see a picture of my adorable babe, here he is:


  1. Sadly, wikipedia says that season 3 won't be airing in the US until January 2013. Only Britain gets it this fall. But, you can watch it at PBS.org when it does air. :)


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