*A fitting post the day after Valentine's day, right? Don't you worry, we ate plenty of artery-unfriendliness yesterday, the menu of which I'll post tomorrow.*

I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" this weekend and absolutely loved it. There is something about seeing people change their habits, making better choices now because the want to be happy in the future, that makes me ridiculously happy. I watched it through Netflix-instant, but if you can find it through Redbox or wherever, I highly recommend it.

I typed up a few of my favorite quotes while listening and just wanted to put in my two cents.

1. "You don't get permanently better unless you permanently change."
Definitely words of wisdom right there. Just think of how society perceives the word "diet". We think of fads, or no calories, of restriction. Another definition for diet? "The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats." Our diet is what we eat everyday. It's not a one time, two week experiment. It's our lifestyle.

2. 61% of an American's diet is of processed foods. Oil, Flour, Sugar…only 5% is fruits and vegetables…
This one's just depressing. Although I didn't leave the house until 5:30 that night, this made me count how many fruits and veggies I had eaten that day and throughout my week. I did pretty good, but some days are harder than others and I want to make sure that more and more of my diet consists of nature's first fast food: fruits and vegetables.

3. "We're becoming a medically crippled society."
We depend on medicine to keep us alive. Instead of ourselves. I constantly think about my behavior health class and discussing what makes people change, what makes people want to become responsible for the things they've done and make their lives better on their own, without depending on others, whether it be for wealth, health, happiness, etc. I'm all for modern medicine, and  there are times in our lives where we do all that we can and still have to take pills for various reasons, but I want to take the least amount of pills as possible.

4. "Fasting…not just Christians, but those of other faiths as well…I recon they're onto something."
I love that fasting is not only a part of my religion. If anything it shows self-control, a contributing factor to weight gain.

5. 70% of our diseases are caused by lifestyle choices.
Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.

I love when you love a movie enough that you need to write down notes when you watch it. Or maybe I'm the only one?

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  1. Oh Emily, you are awesome! I am glad I'm not the only nerd out there:) Sometimes I'll rewind a show so that I can copy a quote down. I need to do that a lot more so I remember things! I am totally adding that movie to our queue!


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