shakespeare in the park

There is a different Shakespeare play each summer in Boston and the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company performs in the Boston Common and it's free. This year they performed Alls Well That Ends Well and Ryan and I were able to see the last performance, about a month ago. Actually, they were supposed to have one or maybe two more, but it stormed the next two days so I don't think it happened. Lucky us!

 We got some Chipotle before we went (we were still furniture-less…let's not talk about those dark days) and headed there with our camping chairs in tow.

It was AWESOME. The play was a bit different. Neither of us had seen it before and I think it's a lesser known of the Shakespeare plays??, but man, Shakespeare humor cracks me up. It makes me feel like I'm a super mature adult when I can understand Shakespeare humor. Like I'm finally a grown-up.

Julie and Oliver came to the play and sat next to us and I felt like I was constantly laughing at the wild humor (it was a sarcastic kind of humor) and they weren't. I'm pretty sure watching 30 Rock and Parks and Rec has helped me learn to recognize this humor.

So maybe I'm not really an "adult" per say, I just think sarcastic/biting/witty humor is hilarious. And people being rude to each other is funny to me?

Thank you, NBC, for allowing me to understand Shakespeare and making me feel cultured. I don't care what anyone else says.

I can't wait for next summer.

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  1. I totally get that! I love that I understand Shakespeare and most of my friends sleep through it. It is soooo funny. Glad you are still blogging!

    Kim (Kowallis) Smith!


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