tunic love and winter inspiration

Ryan and I went shopping on Labor Day (I ate the best lunch of my life: Chik-fil-A) and I was in search of a shirt. I really don't have many flowy/loose-fitting shirts, which I've heard is all you really need for most of pregnancy, or at least when you first start showing but you don't really need 'maternity' clothes. Anyway, we finally found a button-down at AE of all places, it's blue and white vertical stripes, which I think is my favorite pattern on earth. I have a dress from Gap that I love love love and it's got the same design.

Anyway, before I found that gem I found this, and it's sister in a cute pink pattern, which I can't find online. We were in Sears and they had a Lands' End section with the most beautiful tunics I have ever seen. I fell in love. I put on a 6-8 or something and it fit like a gem, perfectly roomy for the next 6 months. Unfortunately it was 49 bucks (this one's only 45), and out of our price range, but oh, it was so cute and comfy, love it. Anyway, just thought you all should know of my shirt-envy. With Lands' End of all places. It makes me feel like I'm old, but whatev.

I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it. 

-name that movie

In other awesome news, I just read Cup of Jo's blog today about motherhood and I loved it. It's all about taking your kids outside, no matter what the weather, and just dressing them appropriately. I love the Scandinavian expression she says:

"No bad weather, just bad clothing"

Even though I won't be a mom until the end of the winter, I think it's a good expression to have if you're a mom or not. I'm scared to death I'm going to freeze and have a big belly and no clothes to fit and keep me warm, but if I prepare for the weather and I'll that jazz, I'll have nothing to worry about. Here's to keeping warm this fall/winter!


  1. Elf, I LOVE that movie! I was just telling Jordan we need to add that to our movie collection this winter for sure, classic. Love that perspective on parenthood, i love to read different ways of parenting and deciding what i would like to be like one day... and know i probably won't be anywhere close to as cool when the time acually comes haha.

  2. It's true! It's so easy to put a movie on for the kids to keep them occupied but what they need is fresh air and your attention! note to self: when you have a few kids, go OUTSIDE and play with them!!


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