jamaican rice and peas.

A long time ago, in our apartment in Utah…maybe two months ago? It seems like forever. I made a recipe called Jamaican rice and peas. Which is amped up beans and rice. And it was awesome. I didn't take a picture, sorry. I got pretty lousy at that when we started moving and packing and our house looks…well, like it does now, I guess.

Back to the rice. It was awesome and not really hard at all. I highly recommend eating it. You could serve it as a side, but we made it as a meatless main and it's a full protein with beans+rice so it's a win-win (both cheap AND healthy).

Click on the link and make this dish pronto. Two things that we did differently. One, I used chicken broth instead of stock. Two, I used a jalapeño instead of a scotch bonnet pepper, since Macey's doesn't carry them. The nice part is that whatever you use, you don't ever put the seeds in the dish, you just get the flavor of the pepper, so it's not too spicy. We loved it with the jalapeño pepper though and may just stick to that, since we know it isn't too spicy.

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