The city.

I've been terrible at blogging lately. Mostly, because I feel like our lives haven't really started in Boston yet. Mostly because we contracted the worst movers ever. Mostly because we have a roach/ant problem because we live in a basement apartment by the T.

But really, we like it here, we really do. Ryan and I went on a walk last night and as we were walking around this awesome park in the Fenway area, with beautiful astro turf, watching a company softball game, a soccer game, and a pickup game of street basketball--those guys are good. And a little harsh. But so fun to play. Anway, as we were walking I realized I should have brought my camera. There's a beautiful shot of the city and park I can't wait to take.

We were walking and I was thinking about how even though I miss Provo--I miss cheap rent, how BYU maintenance was amazing, quick, and great, how grocery shopping wasn't such a chore--there are things that I love about the city. Like beautiful parks within walking distance, having a MLB team right in our backyard, and these crazy cool accents, and I'm so grateful to be here. I love walking everywhere, and being so close to the river, so I can see beautiful scenes like this whenever I want.

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  1. I love how a label for this post was "adulthood." Hhaah, I feel like I definitely had to become more of an adult when we moved out here--much more so than when were at BYU. You're also right about the city living, everything just seems to take so much effort here! But all the same, it's amazing. Um, what happened with the job?


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