Rome Day 1: Trevi Fountain

After leaving Provo in the am on Tuesday, we arrived in Italy at our B&B Wednesday evening, around 6 (don't even get me started on how I wish I lived in London so Italy could only be a three or four hour plane ride away…) and then set off for Trevi fountain.

[[ps, we actually got some pizza at a restaurant near our B&B but it was awful. They had sausage on it that was mostly pink and not even cooked, and I was not about to get food-poisoning on our first night in Rome, so we don't really count that as our first meal.]]

Turns out, the Trevi fountain is Ryan's favorite place in all of Rome, and at night it is so pretty! Flocks of tourists just sitting on the fountain's steps, listening to the water gushing out and eating their gelato. Lovers taking pictures of one another, of themselves, and everyone just basking in the light of the fountain. It was absolutely beautiful and the best first-memory of Italy.

Want a picture?

At the fountain, there's a little saying about throwing coins in. One for luck, two for love, three to come back. Naturally, I threw in three. I've already got a pretty sweet husband, and an awesome family and super rad friends, so I'd say I'm pretty lucky, and very loved. Here's to coming back to Italy!!

After Trevi fountain we found some gelato, since I just HAD to have some on my first day in Italy, and let me tell you, it did not dissapoint. Some of the best coconut gelato ever. Oh and another picture to tell y'all just how excited/happy/pumped/joyous we were?

Um, don't judge my lack of make-up, we'd been traveling forever and I totally looked cute as we left SLC Tuesday morning, but we took these pictures Wednesday night. Yeah, calculate that little fact in your mind right now…

The next day was fabulous, I can't wait to post more and relive the awesomeness!!


  1. I tried to post a comment here back when you wrote this, but Blogger wouldn't let me! I just wanted to say that I'm psyched to read all of your posts from abroad! And also, I love your little dress :)

  2. I tried to leave a comment on one of your posts too but blogger was bein rude. I'm glad it works now. I'll just hope that's what happened to everyone's computers :)


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