Saturdays are awesome and you should eat this greek salad right now.

Don't hate me, but this isn't an Italy post. I'm super behind in just about everything right now, but I just wanted to post something that's actually happening (aka not having to schedule a post for while I'm at work or scheduling recipes I made weeks ago that I completely forgot about).

As we get ready for the big move across the country, today and yesterday we cleaned out a ton of stuff ang gave 5 or 6 garbage bags to DI of random clothes, Kaylea's duvet cover that we've had for way too long (remember that orange and white one and the matching orange body pillow? yeah, totally still had that) and old clothes of Ryan's. The sad part is that our house still looks exactly the same. Ha.

Also, I menu-planned yesterday and I must say, we're eating some rad meals this week. We went shopping this morning and the only packaged things we bought were saurkraut and some pitted kalamata olives. Oh yeah, this week will be so good. I just can't get italy out of my head and all the fresh food we ate. We've got some packaged foods like soups and rice a roni to eat before we leave, so we'll try to eat that, but I just can't make myself buy that stuff anymore. We'll see what happens when we move and our expenses increase, but hopefully we can stick to fresh foods > packaged foods in our diet.

Oh and I just made PW's Greek Salad. I highly recommend it. Like, right now. It's beautiful and sunny outside and eating this salad totally completes this summer day. Plus, I think Ryan and I will be playing a little whiffle ball and going on a run lated today. Man, this weekend rocks. Oh, and just to show you how good this salad is, and since no post is truly complete without a picture:

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  1. Italy is by far the best place to eat. Although most of Europe is pretty awesome due to the freshness of all the food. That is one of the things I'll miss most when we move back to the states in a year.


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