Can someone say BOSTON?!

Ok, so Ryan should totally be writing this post, but I'll do the honors and he can write a follow-up.

We're going to BU this fall!!

For those of you who don't know, Ryan was accepted to Boston University Law a few weeks back and we've decided to pack our bags and head to New England this fall. It's a bit crazy and a little surreal, but I'm excited for a new adventure and for new opportunities.

Here's to 7 more weeks in Provo, a little family vacay in July, and then moving to Boston (even though I've never even been and we're not going until we're moving…we're crazy and cool, we know)!!

nbd, just hanging out at St. Peters...


  1. How FUN!!! I've always wanted to go to the northeast. I've never been. We moved to Memphis and I had never ever been there and it was definitely an adventure, but you and me, we're cool like that ;)

  2. woohoo for law school in boston!

  3. WAY exciting! Big Congrats to Ryan! I have to say I am a little bummed you guys aren't headed to AZ because I think it's about time we actually met but nonetheless I am so excited for you guys and this big new adventure! Keep us posted :) Good Luck with the move!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my whiny post about missing Chase, haha. I can't promise there won't be more of them but I appreciate your thoughts!

  4. You will love Boston. It's totally your city. The fall is so beautiful. There is so much to do there you will love it.


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